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CV-9030 (fin) AI gunner issues


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When player is in the vehicle as Commander, AI gunner behaves differently than when player is just observing.

I have observed following happening from non moving vehicle to static targets that were 1500m away on wide open fully exposed.


  • With player commander AI gunner only shoots single shots, and often loses accuracy after first shots
  • When let alone for several shots, AI often ends up aiming off the target. Sometimes very high above
  • When player is on external view, AI gunner shoots twice, observes and engages.  And seems to good accuracy on first two salvos and sometimes after that accuracy goes wildly random.
  • Burst mode makes AI use burst mode only when player is on F8 view.  
  • Static target mode seems to make AI to forget to use Laser range finder, and instead to adjust based on where shots land - often ending aiming very high and firing over target.
  • AI manages FCS system like a monkey, ending up trying to laze, but ends up lazing below and above target getting no or false values. - And then seems to adjust firing based where shots land, and moving reticle according to that and sometimes firing when doing so getting constantly higher and wider dispersion. 


Also...  AI gunner even when he sees target and says "on the way"   doesn't engage when

  • target isn't fully visible (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease)
  • or is partially concealed (even when player sees and could kill target with relative ease)
  • As above but sometimes even when target is able to fire at cv9030.


I remember having had this happening even on " almost fully" visible targets.  cv9030 AI gunner just seems very unwilling to engage targets that are not fully exposed. And will lose tracking very easily if targets are even momentarily obscured.




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