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CV90/35NL tracking air targets [RESOLVED]


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Hi. When I go to ABM AIR mode in the CV90/35NL, the reticle tends to run away from me and I find it very hard to get the sights onto, let alone track targets. This does not happen in moving target mode which defaults to APFSDS-T ammo, nor with the CV90/40 in AIR mode with which it is very easy to track air targets. What am I missing here? (except a bunch of de-fanged Hind-E's :) )



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From  briefing of relevant tutorial scenario:


After the gunner has lased the target, the laser will pulsate, and after 2 seconds the fire control system will help the gunner to track the target, so the gunner must be careful not to perform powerful movements of the control handle, because this is being calculated as target speed and used as extra lead. 
This is particularly important when the gunner or commander switch targets after a hit, where you can experience some very violent and uncontrollable twists of the turret, unless the gunner immediately after killing the target, cancels the target tracking, by using the RANGE TOGGLE and select battlerange, or by releasing the palm switches briefly. 

Basically  FCS  performs  a form of  automatic target tracking based on  measured  initial tracking rates. So if initial  tracking was not accurate or steady , or if gunner make attempts of excessive corrections, turret will run away.

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