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Steel Beasts Map Package Download Manager problem

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Are there any hints in the Windows Event Log?

CrashDump files, maybe? (You would find them throught the links in the Windows Start Menu / eSim Games / Steel Beasts Pro PE / Troubleshooting

Is the Service "Steel Beasts Map Package Download" running?

(If not, can you activate it manually?)

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Okay, so what are the security settings in the properties of that Ambush folder, and/or the corresponding metadata.mrf file?

Right-click the folder... Properties... Security tab


Maybe your user account simply doesn't have (read) access privileges?

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I apologize for a mistake earlier. I sent the wrong error file. I did not send the .dmp, I don't have a program to open dmp files with that I am aware of, I could email it if you think that would help. I'm attaching the picture of the error. Unlike with some I can not find any evidence the program is running, ever. When I look in task manager I don't see the download manager in the processes folder and I do not have a green box fitting the description from other threads in the hidden icons. ]



I downloaded windows visual studio so I could open a .dmp file. below are screenshots of what it shows [Edited - deleted]. I hope that helps. 


[Edited - Attachment didn't work, deleted]



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Thanks, but 

a. you shouldn't post such details on a publicly available forum. They may contain sensitive data. Better send them to us by email. Use Winzip or RAR to compress DMP files.

b. Also, we wouldn't expect you to install visual studio; it's enough if you simply send us the file(s).

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