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M1/Leo Serie Driver not able to unbottun [RESOLVED]

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Maybe a bug, maybe a feature.
As a driver (F9) in the M1 serie (M1A2, M1A1) or Late leos (2A6, 2E), i am not able to unbottun anymore, wherever the turret is facing (i remember being able to do so, once upon a time).

It works with T72s, T55s, M60 though. Didn't tried with other tanks.






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Yes, this is by design.


AFAICR, at some point a change was made where the driver will not unbutton if the model doesn't support it (if it doesn't have a hatch that open on an interior model). 


So, the fact is, these vehicles are older, and we have to come up with a standard. The vehicles would need to be updated before this can be done properly.

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