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20-24 June 1983 Canadian Army Trophy accident

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I am sorry to have to ask this, however I am unable to find anything related to an accident that occurred during the 1983 competition. I was part of a US Army helicopter aircrew then and was on about 75 yards away from an accident that involved a German Leopard tank and a British jeep type 4-wheeled vehicle. I provided first aid to the single surviving occupant until emergency crews arrived only moments later, the two other occupants I am sorry to say were killed instantly. Can anybody please provide me with any status on the one surviving occupant or if he survived and any news articles or formal documents that might memorialize this tragic event? Thank you.

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Here are the results:


1st: participants & types:



GE PzBtl 293 Leo1A4

GE PzBtl 153 Leo1A1

US 1st Bn 32nd Armor M60A3

US 3rd Bn 64th Armor M1

CA Royal Canadian Dragoons Leo1A3



BE 4th Lancers Leo1A3

UK Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Chieftain

GE PzBtl 74 Leo1A1

NL 11. TnkBtl Leo1A1

US 2nd Bn 66th Armor M60A1


2nd: Results:

CENTAG     183.507 Pts ( and the winner! )

NORTHAG: 182.010 Pts


3rd: Best platoons:

CENTAG: I./293 and the winner of the trophy!

NORTHAG: III./74 and totally 2nd best platoon (Leo1A1!!!)!


I hope this will help you!

Btw, in 1983 I was the CO and teamchief of the CAT-company PzBtl 74 ( 4./PzGrenBtl 71)😉


Best regards


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