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4.161 - Damage if ... and Repair if ... "inherited" on amalgamation [KNOWN]

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BLUF: vehicle specific Damage if ... and Repair if ... settings seem to be inherited on amalgamation.


For some time now I have been using a work around to "fudge" the ability of a ASLAV-25 Crew Commander to dismount and conduct a limited distance foot reconnaissance away from their vehicle with some vehicle degradation to reduce the chance that the vehicle will drive off without the Commander.


To achieve this I create a one person dismount and attach it to the ASLAV-25:




When the individual dismounts the ASLAV-25 suffers a Commander casualty (they are off the vehicle) and a Radio damage to reflect the vehicles reduced C2:




When the individual re-mounts those damages are repaired. If the Crew Commander dies while off the vehicle, then the damages are not repaired:




This works fine.


However an ASLAV Troop has 4 x ASLAV-25 and 2 x ASLAV-PCs.


The PC should not be penalised when its passengers dismount (i.e. is not carrying troops) because the crew stay with the vehicle (note no ticks next to "Damage if ..." or "Repair if ..."):




However when I consolidate the Troop by attaching the ASLAV-PC back to the ASLAV-25, the "Damage if ..." and "Repair if ..." now apply to both vehicles:




Indeed if I separate the ASLAV-PC again it now has these "Damage if ..." and "Repair if ..." settings:




It appears the individual vehicle "inherits" the setting of the more senior call sign?


I've tried adding a condition to indicate that the damage should not occur If the unit is 12D, but this condition is also lost when the unit consolidates.


Short of making the Troop two groupings (4 x ASLAV-25 with the damage / repair options and 2 x ASLAV-PCs without) which adds a bit more overhead to using the vehicles, is there another possible work around that I've overlooked?


If I haven't then can we add this to the Wish List so that specific vehicles within a grouping can have varying damage (or other options set)?


I'll reference this post there as well.


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Basically this is the same issue, as  was reported here:


It's in the list, but seems to be quite complicated to address...

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