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My new toy! Part 2.

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I only wish!


It’s the cabin part of a Leopard 1A driving simulator. It was used by moving a camera around a large model. The camera was controlled by the drivers input.

A popular scare trick was to put a spider in front of the camera lens. It reportedly made some students jump.


I only know this from a video I stumbled upon and unfortunately I forgot to save the link.


It is a part of the collection of The Guard Hussar Regiment Veteran Armor and Vehicles Union www.ghrvpk.dk


And no, we don’t have the model part of the simulator.


If any of you know about videos and/or pictures of it in use, that we could use for creating a video, that I intend to run on one of the screens on our simulator turret, then I would be very grateful if you would share them.


You can see the simulator turret here:



Have a nice weekend

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In Augustdorf is a whole Simulator (working) in a Museum.

This is from AusbKp FahrSim Kette 201.


You can visit and still drive it.

Here is a E-Mail: Webmaster@Fahrsimkette.de


BTW.: Thats were I made my DriverLicense for Leop 1 in 1987 😉



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