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Updating Question... [RESOLVED]


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1 hour ago, Paladin1CD said:

Hello all, after an absence I am looking to start up Steel Beats Pro. I have 4.023 though. How do I update? 

This depends of license you have:


-If you have  valid time-limited license, then you need to download full installer  for the latest version of SB Pro PE, which is 4.161 at this moment. Then just uninstall  version 4.023 and install newest version.


-If you have  "Steel Beasts Pro PE Classic Licens"', e.g. one which stored on USB  dongle, then you need to proceed to eSim Games web shop and  purchase "Upgrade License from version 4.0".   After this you need  to activate purchased upgrade license,  download latest version  of SB Pro PE, uninstall v.4.023 and install newest one.


Speaking of installation  of the new version, more detailed information can be found in   release notes: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/SBProPE_4-161_RN.pdf



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On 9/28/2019 at 1:37 AM, Ssnake said:

I can but recommend to run the Map Packages Installer first, and to install the map packages on the fastest drive that has more than 100 GBytes free space left. If you observe these simple criteria, it will most likely save you headaches later.

Is there FTP address for the map chunks and installer? Torrent maybe?

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Maybe take another look at the download page?


Go here: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607


Make sure that you download and install the map packages first, as previously suggested.


Once that is done, do a search for "SB Pro PE 4.161 Installer."


Once you find it, download all six parts into the same folder, and then run Part 1 once they are all downloaded. Don't rename any of the files. There is also no need to download and apply the 4.161 patch if you are downloading the full game itself. 


Edit: Also, yes, you do have to purchase the upgrade to 4.1. 

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36 minutes ago, Paladin1CD said:

So is there an upgrade from 4.0? I'm not seeing it if there is... Not sure I can shell out 100+ dollars again. 

Yes, there is an upgrade to 4.1. Here is the page to order the upgrade: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1530


It only costs $30 if you are upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1. Definitely worth it, in my opinion.


26 minutes ago, Paladin1CD said:

How do I tell if I have an active license or not? Its been awhile since I bought everything and I'm unsure of what I need to purchase for an upgrade. 

Do you have a CodeMeter, or did you purchase the time license? If you have a CodeMeter, just put it into your PC and try to run Steel Beasts 4.0. It should run without any error message about the license. If this happens, your license is good! 

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@Paladin1CD Yes. If you have a license for 4.0, then the upgrade will be exactly what you will need to play 4.1.


Following that, download and install the map pack, and then Steel Beasts. If you want to add the Map Downloader (I would recommend it) make sure that you install Steel Beasts first before installing the downloader. 

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