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New map UID

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I've been away for awhile, so I'm not as up to speed as I'd like.  I've been trying to get someone help me playtest a scenario written with the new upgrade.  I uploaded the contents of my map package folder which is now available for download.  I emailed a copy of the scenario file to the tester.  He has downloaded the map files from here, but reports that the scenario file cannot find the mind.  I understand that the map UID might have changed when it was prepared for download here.  Are there further steps that might help the scenario file recognize the new map?  Perhaps trying to open it up in the mission editor and use the replace map function to find the newly ID'd map.  Or would it be better to verify package file names?

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Please follow the guide here, I should not have posted these as is.  If the base map does not come with steel beasts, then that folder needs to be zipped up and posted, and if there is a delta map, it needs to be zipped up and posted as well.  If you attach the scenario, I can test to make sure it all works, just leave me a PM telling me not to publish the scenario part yet.  Once I get it all processed, your tester should just have to hit the download button when they open the scenario.



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