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stutters - HELP!

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On 10/21/2019 at 3:04 PM, peter winship said:

If I had to buy only one of a Ryzen 7, another 16GB of memory or a 1070, I wonder which would improve it the most? 

I think you can rule out memory.   

If you consider a CPU, it should have higher single thread performance (more cores won't help the frame rate, though they will help during map loading).

A 1070, in theory, should be quicker.  It has (afaict) more memory bandwidth which will be useful for high res displays.  However, I couldn't tell you how much quicker, it may only be a few fps.

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Ok. Thanks all. I'm enjoying it as is, anyway. I'm wondering, in fact, what the ground detail slider (the setting which has most impact on sights stutter, for me) does that uses up so much fps? I can't see any difference in the view really, and certainly not in the zoomed sights. I can see what the clutter slider does, obviously, but not the ground detail slider. It changes the distance at which ground features are drawn in detail, I assume, but as I slide it back and forth and experiment I don't see any difference! So I can do without it being set higher, easily. 

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It controls the LOD transition e.g. for trees, and the range out to which detailed textures are rendered. If you don't see much of a difference - good!

For highest frametares the idea is to have each slider in the lowest position that still delivers visually tolerable results.

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