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Not a single scenario works any more [RESOLVED]


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Despite downloading map package for legacy scenarios not a single one works. Not the one i made, not the one i downloaded, hell even those coming with a game are not working.


Im getting same error for each one of them - map doesnt exist, except that map exists im looking at it in file browser. Even opening scenario in mission editor doesnt work - it wants from me to replace map, but i cant replace map when it is not on the list of offered maps ( altho i did installed legacy package in its default path, since you cant even change path which is terrible, my C drive is now down to under 1 Gb of free space.)

Removing everything including deleting scenarios completely and reinstalling didnt helped as well. Game still dont see the maps i need to play scenario i want.


So im stuck with tank range for last few weeks trying this and that and that and this to no avail.  What am i doing wrong ?? Obviously ppl can play old scenarios without any issue with maps.

But even old scenarios aside - not even ones within game work so something is wrong definitely i just cant figure out what. First i thought it is my hardware, but all drives work fine, game just dont see maps.



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I have checked that first before everything, paths are ok.. Only there is no list of old available maps to choose from in editor. Only 4-5 of new ones. And you cant browse them from editor at all.

Did all this had to be so complicated? Why is this update so borked -  i never had so much issues since like i started with SB series back in 2001.



EDIT - what "packages" of map? Sorry i think im not following you at all... I have multiple directories within maps folder and that is that, no map packages. I know that game at one point offered somewhere something about packages but i refused that whatever it was. What is the extension i should be looking for? Or should i check the windows registry ( and i really wouldnt like to go there). 





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Yeah, but the legacy maps were exactly not what you needed in this case.

Please download and install the SB Map Tools if you happen to participate in network sessions ruinning old scenarios with still embedded maps. One day you'll need the map package downloader; until then you can ignore it (but you don't want to find out that you need them and THEN download and install them before you can join a network session).

Even more important especially for your specific issue, you'll need all the map packages. We converted them for you so that at least all the stock scenarios that are installed with Steel Beasts will work right away. For your own scenarios you may still need to convert some maps; that part, unfortunately, can't be helped. But the Map Packages will be a good starting point for you in any case.

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You need the "Maps Installer", download all parts and run the exe.



"SB Pro Map Tools v19" is also wise for you to download and install, so that you can download future maps automatically when you try to open any future missions that uses a map that you don't have and which is on the eSim Games servers.

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