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Combined Task Force Battalion Structure


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How was the structure of both an Armored Task Force Battalion and a Mechanized Task Force Battalion within an Armored Division, like the 1st AD shown below, in a period sometime around the 90s?


United States Army 1st Armored Division CSIB.svg 1st Armored Division
MG Ronald H. Griffith
3rd Infantry Division SSI (1918-2015).svg 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (Mech) – Acting 1st Brigade
4th BN, 66th Armor Regiment
1st BN, 7th Infantry Regiment (Mech)
4th BN, 7th Infantry Regiment (Mech)
2nd BN, 41st Field Artillery Regiment (155SP)
2nd Brigade
1st BN, 35th Armor Regiment
2nd BN, 70th Armor Regiment
4th BN, 70th Armor Regiment
6th BN, 6th Infantry Regiment (Mech)
2nd BN, 1st Field Artillery Regiment (155SP)
3rd Brigade
3rd BN, 35th Armor Regiment
1st BN, 37th Armor Regiment
7th BN, 6th Infantry Regiment (Mech)
3rd BN, 1st Field Artillery Regiment (155SP)






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When I was with 1CD basically we were pure. We had Battalions that had habitual relationships. Four companies of tanks, a HHC, scout platoon in M998s, and they would swap out a company of tanks for a company of brads and then usually split one platoon off from there. But we didn’t do to much of that. Go to war organization aside. 

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