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Fire Support: Priority Targets and Priority Missions

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The document that you copied the the Tabular orbat from has a comprehensive list of units listed in text. The orbat that you posted is inaccurate in that both 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades were "Armoured" and not Armoured Inf/Mech Brigades. As well as the fact that a whole  Armoured Battlegroup, The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars is missing from 7th Armoured Brigade.

as an example, its not bad, but still inaccurate!!!


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So, for this weeks game, Nike will be riding with a generous ammount of support for a company/BN 😎



- 240 rounds HE

-120 rounds DPICM

-120 rounds of WP



~300 rounds HE

~180 rounds HE



48 DPICM rockets


that should do...if we find the targets that is

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Some relevant tables for deeper context and perhaps helpful for visualizing artillery effort and organization in Desert Storm and late Cold War themed missions:


1st Infantry Division Artillery Order of Battle for Preparatory fires in support of the Breach:



1st Infantry Division Artillery order of Battle, for Pursuit subsequent of the Breach:



Ammunition Expenditures, 1st Infantry Division Artillery through all phases including Raids, Prep, and Breach+ Pursuit:



BDA 1st Infantry Division Artillery:




Additional notes:

1) No 1ID division artillery units were left in reserve (meaning no artillery assigned to support combat units kept in the reserve either).

2) 1ID advanced with 2 Brigades up and 1 Brigade in reserve. Whilst a Brigade was in reserve, its DS FA Btln were assigned GS to the 2 front advancing Brigades.


Information courtesy of "Desert Redleg" by Col. L. Scott Lingamfelter, 1ID DIVARTY Persian Gulf War.


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