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What does "not implemeted" mean?

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Sorry for the ignorance... I remember converting a number of my favorite missions to the new version back when released... the same way I learned from Volcano's post... but now trying to convert a few more the same way and getting "not implemted" even thou the map/terr are there... what's that mean? Is it user error like I expect? Thanks in advance.




Release Screenshot 2019.11.30 -

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Yep that's right, sorry for this bare-bones UI.


Basically this is the most complicated backwards-compatibility case since BOTH the heightmap (the terrain relief, basically) and the terrainmap (buildings, terrain types etc) only exist embedded in the scenario file (and actually not the whole map is embedded but only the part of the map the scenario takes place on).. while a conversion would in principle be possible, you'd really be better off if you could locate (at the least) the original, complete, heightmap file.. so it was also the least important case to be implemented. Of course if the scenario is all you have, it would be nice to have that option..

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