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KANIUM Sunday - OP Ride of the Valkyries by Nike-Ajax

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1 hour ago, chrisreb said:

Sorry going to back out for tonight. Have cold and a chest infection and practically no voice so would be useless

First and foremost:


Get well and best to you


We will look forward to seeing you when you have the time, health and energy


@Connaugh and @Roerbaek


Have given Conn a field promotion to make ends meet

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NEXT Sundays match will be the last before Christmas, so we will take a break on Sunday the 22´nd, as expected manning will be too low to execute a scenario

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22 hours ago, O.Schmidt said:
I also found the mission very interesting! Unfortunately I had server problems? What I do not understand!


Its unclear to me what caused the issues, as it could be a number of things:


1) My PC: Unlikely as its high end, and I dont have consistent issues when hosting

2) My connection: Unlikely as its fairly high, and I dont have consistent issues with hosting

3) Large scenario with high mapdetail and many units: Possible and needs more investigation

4) Bad internet speed with one or more players: Likely but unknown

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Thank you for answering!
I think that means Ping 63? No idea if that's good!

We have on Saturday, DBoy has hosting 4 players! There were no problems there!

In any case, I continue to play and try my luck! We are fighters! :)

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