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Marder multicrew N-key / Thermal mag issue - bug #8123


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So on Marder, commanders  N key (Zoom / binocular)  is constantly toggling zoom in/out in thermal sight on every tap, regardless is commander is overriding or not or inside / outside hatch.


This is extremely annoying when doing multicrew.  with other player as your gunner.  Everytime you use N key, his thermal zoom level changes.  Even if you are using binoculars outside hatch.


Way to notice this..   go to Marder, on commanders position and press N key,  you see thermal change in thermals magnification  from mini screen. 

Or open two SB, and and join on your own networks session as both gunner and commander and you can should see this happening.  


I did testing with my buddy and we didn't find same problem on other vehicles.   Although on Luchs  there is something similar, pressing N key seems to change magnification for commanders thermal mini screen but it doesn't affect on gunners thermal magnification at all.  



Also my buddy had told me having witnessed something similar on cv9035-NL during the mission  but we weren't able to reproduce that this time for some reason.  "It may have been due to commanders overriding. " 

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