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Funny Military Pics.

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*lol* you don't. The point is it's a joke you use on noobs. You ask them if they've koala-fied on something, and when they say no, you make them koala-fy... as in, hang upside down from a tree trunk.

... it's kinda like tasking the FNG to find a box of grid squares, chemlight batteries (or ACOG batteries, because at least that's probable... most people don't know they're tritium lit), keys to the training area, or giving them a trash bag and telling them to take exhaust samples.

... or asking them if they brought any bravo alpha 110 novembers. Or if they can find the charlie ten uniform deltas.

... or my favorite, telling them to go to the 1SG and ask if he knows where the PRC-E7 is

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a few favourites,Go to the ME dept for an adjustable metric spanner.Go to the Sports office n a ship for keys to the Billiard Room.Nip to Pharmacy to get 500 bowmns capsules!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

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