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ATGM Tutorial - 4_010


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Now updated to version 1.2



1. Updated to 4.259.


2. Added:


AT-5 Spandrel

AT-7 Saxhorn

AT-13 Saxhorn-2

AT-14 Spriggan


* Note: AT-7 meant adding closer range targets:

  • 3 x BMP-B11 Kurganets-25 (two with AFGANIT and one without).
    • Recommend you look at the map (F5) often when engaging these as you may need to use that to confirm if the target is dead or not.
    • Be prepared to use 3+ missiles on the AFGANIT equipped ones as you'll need to exhaust the supply of APS rounds before achieving a hit (which may or may not actually generate a kill - these are tough nuts to crack with smaller / older systems).
  • A closer in T-62 which only appears if you select AT-7.
  • In addition the movers come a little closer if you select the AT-7.

The static T-90 will not appear if you select AT-7 as it is too far away.


2. If you pick any system other than the AT-7, the T-90 will appear 40sec after mission start.


3. Some general cleaning up.


Feedback welcome.

Edited by Gibsonm
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Further updated to Ver 1.21


Clarified that for the Javelin, the Triggers Shift 1 and Shift 2 are only there to progress the engagement sequence in the Tutorial.


They are "Tutorial specific" and not part of the Javelin's usual operation.


You do not need to use any Triggers when using the Javelin in a mission (unless the scenario designer has added a "scenario specific trigger").


My thanks for the Feedback.

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