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Cannot install 4.162


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Gthe 4.162 patch will not install for me.  


I started with 4.161.  

I downloaded the maps installer, the SB Map Tools and the 4.162 patch.   I uninstalled 4.61.  

I ran the map-package installer and it kept asking me if I wanted to overwrite map after map.  I said yes to each.


The only thing that happens when I click on the 4.162 is the blue circle animation next to my mouse cursor followed by.... nothing.  


What am I doing wrong here?




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Unsure about the installer but you don't need to replace the maps (probably not of much comfort given you have already gone through it).


I did find when I did my install that it did seem to take a long time but then I found a dialogue box buried under another application. As soon as I answered that, the installation proceeded happily.


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Like Mark described, the Map Packages and Download Manager are unchanged and do not need to be uninstalled/reinstalled.

A bit late for that, admittedly, but unless we explicitly make such a recommendation for this in future Release Notes you can safely assume that such action will no longer be necessary. That's why we separated the Map Package installer from Steel Beasts in the first place, you you would not always have to re-download 15 GBytes of map data that you already have.


Other than that, I can but follow Mark's suggestion to check for an open dialog box somewhere. If that is not "it", the next best step would be to uninstall everything (including the map packages) and then to attempt a clean install from scratch. If that doesn't help, skip 4.162 and wait for the next update, some time before July 2020 (keep using 4.161 instead).

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