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sky color glitch (4.161) [RESOLVED]

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unknown mechanism, very intermittent- seemingly randomly the sky will change to a monochrome color, this seems to occur when in the TC view only, panning around will may force the color disappear and reappear (as you can see from the inside of the T-72 tank commander's hatch), but it is always temporary and likely does not show up again for the rest of the session






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not that i know enough to dispute that, but the card is  NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti, 11 GB . other than the sky turning colors, the scenes do not appear to be having issues at all. the scenes are rendered without stuttering, they are fluid. furthermore i have also seen it with just a flat water and no ground clutter and detail settings to factor into it



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Ok,  initial  ideas about   graphics card performance are  probably wrong...  So next  points of concern are:


1) Do you see this issue on each and every map(same for  scenarios), or there are some specific maps/spots on maps/ scenarios where issue is present?

2) Do you have any post-processing injector software  ('ReShade' and alikes)? If yes, then  try to  run SB with such software disabled

3) Please  check mods  you are using.  Excessive  size of the textures  can impose too much load for the  graphics card(even  without causing obvious stutters and  fps drops), at least in theory.

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i see it in any scenario- it seems to be related to  zoomed views other than optics, i.e., not in gunner's sights or binocular views, but in magnified views pressing the N key- external views, or through vision blocks. it also seems especially more likely to occur when artillery is active- smoke, ICM, or conventional HE. i noticed when i panned the magnified view, the neon sky effect would come and go whether artillery effects were visible in the frame or not (again, in magnified views)

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it seems to occur under more than one condition, but i can reproduce it with artillery effects (smoke, HE, and ICM); the above screen shots in my opening post also shows this glitch, but i do not know what did it under those conditions, there was no artillery active,

but i suspect it may have something to do with dust effects from moving vehicles. this glitch does not occur from sights or binocular views, it seems to be from any other kind of magnified view, i.e., pressing N when inside a vehicle for closer inspection through hatches, or from within a vehicle peering out the vision blocks


1. first image shows a detached bmp-2 following a bmp-2 platoon during artillery mission; this shot was taken from external F8 view in the mission editor, air bursts are visible over and beyond the hill. nothing wrong yet.

2. from the external F8 view, pressing N switches to the magnified view, sky color glitch appears with the air bursts in view.

3. from the same magnified internal view, i pan the camera to the left and to the right- with the air bursts out of view, the glitch disappears, it will reappear if i pan back to keep the view focused on the air bursts until the artillery is finished. the artillery is definitely one trigger, again, there may be something broader with smoke or dust effects generally







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there are multiple factors apparently. i cannot quite figure out exactly what causes artillery delivered smoke to produce the effect- and why the sky sometimes turns lime green or a kind of orange. but ICM will always do it, the view has to be zoomed from the F8 view and the black status and control

bar at the bottom of the screen needs to be hidden using ALT + H for full screen mode, and the glitch appears.


here's the setup with ICM artillery, simply open up a new scenario in the mission editor, using the M1 as the observing unit, you can see the external view of the M1,

1) the map screen

2) the F8 external view of the M1A1

3)  press N to zoom the view from the F8 external observation view

4)  hide the status and control display by pressing ALT + H (it will not produce the effect unless in full screen mode without the status bar)





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