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ATGM Dismounts

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Hi guys, this might be a bit of a noob question but here goes anyway.

I'm playing Single Player scenarios and missions at the moment and some of them require you to get really busy, sometimes it seems I have to play nursemaid to certain squads.

So how can I get my ATGM dismount teams to get back inside the P.C. rearm themselves with more missiles and to deploy again instead of having them sitting on a hillside with no missiles left and becoming spectators?

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This sort of thing:


Missile reload 4_162.sce


Yes this was done in the Mission Editor but you can script this in a mission too, indeed you can create the route and put it off the map and then copy and paste as required.


The unit will move to Waypoint 1 when its running low.


The troops will mount the Bradley IF:


1. The Bradley is empty; AND


2. The unit has made it to Waypoint 1 (stops the Bradley moving forward (and perhaps exposing itself) to collect the Infantry.


To see how this is created, right click on the route for the Javelin team and look under "embark if ..."


To test just fire a few Javelin rounds (I didn't provide a target), then sit back and watch.


To cover the dismount part you can use the "NOT low on ammunition" condition. I'd add a delay of say a minute or two so they don't just jump onboard and instantly get back out again fully armed.


That's one approach, its not the only approach.


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Yep. At least the moving back part.


Modified scenario. Reduced the ATGM's ammo load out (to automatically satisfy the low on ammo condition).


Start scenario.


Copy and paste the route.


Watch the ATGM team move back to the vehicle.


I didn't try the mount / dismount part as well because I have a session to run in 15mins but it should be achievable.


However, if it isn't at least you now have a partial solution to get them back to the vehicle.


Missile reload #1 4_162.sce

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Thanks everyone.

I have down loaded your sce. files Gibsonm and will give them a try later.

I did have partial success in mission using a "Retreat back route" with an "Embark if" "Low on stored ammo" condition with a "Mount" instruction at the end of the "Retreat" waypoint. I guess I should have used a "Low on ready ammo" instead of a "Low on stored ammo" condition.

Do I have to give a "Mount Troops" command to the P.C. or is the "Mount" condition at the end of the "Retreat Back" waypoint enough to get them back into the bus if the waypoint is adjacent to the P.C.

The problem then was getting them out and back into the fight again.( just like real life I guess ).

I'll keep attacking and thanks for the feedback.

Edit. For "In mission" read "In Planning".

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Giving wrong info.
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Relevant in this context is by whom the mount command is issued. If given by the vehicle, the squad will have to leg it. If ordered by the squad, the vehicle moves to pick them up. This is not much of a distinction if the distances are short, but can make a big difference if the squad is far away from the vehicle. Arguably this should never be the case if all units are employed in a doctrinally correct fashion. But reality in the games that I observed on YouTube sometimes is different.

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9 hours ago, Bond_Villian said:

Probably faster and easier to just jump to the missile team when its out of ammo and press the mount hotkey ( Shift+U by default i think).

It might be faster, but the OP wanted an automated option.


If he copies and pastes the route at the start then all the units have the command.


He specifically wanted to avoid "nursemaiding" them.


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Thanks for all the input, it has been very interesting.

I gave the bus a "Retreat" command to a waypoint  a couple of metres back from the load point with a "Embark If" "Full" condition and a "Dismount" command. Then I only had to give the boys an "Engage" waypoint and off they went to Do or Die like happy little soldiers.

It's quite amazing the depth of the "Embark If" conditions.

Now all I have to figure out is how to get them to relocate after firing one missile.

Once again thanks for all the help.

Hope you all had a good Xmas and wishing you all a very happy New Year.


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