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Spike MR vs T-14 Armata workarounds


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Hi. I've been playing with the Spike MR vs the T-14 and have come up with some workarounds to the way the missile from some angles fails to cause significant damage, or at best a firepower kill. The first two only work if you are controlling the missile in first person mode (F7 + F2). Basically there are two scenarios here - either the vehicle is static or moving.


1. Static vehicle. 


With a static Armata it is very easy to override the automatic image seeker of the missile whilst the missile is some distance away from the vehicle. If you aim for the crew module in front of the turret, you will almost inevitably kill the vehicle. I find this method very reliable against static Armatas.


2. Moving vehicle.


This is less reliable but still well worth trying. I find that overriding the missile controls vs a moving vehicle almost always results in a miss. Instead, wait until the missile is a fraction of a second from hitting and tap the up key. This often moves the HEAT jet into alignment with the ammo carousel inflicting a catastrophic kill. It is only really worth doing from side or rear due to the fact that frontal hits with automatic homing are already likely to cause firepower kills.


3. Moving or Static, multiple launchers


If you are relying on a number of ATGW launchers in your game so that you can't control first person, just substitute Javelins for Spike MRs. These have the added benefit of not suffering from the "target fixation" bug and have the same range as Spike MR.




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