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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules


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"testing this"

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We put all the "battle tested" scenarios into a list, and then randomly shuffled that list to create a TGIF play list. We are going down that list in order, choosing the next scenario to play from it rather than picking on a whim.

Rather than post the list here (because the list can/will change throughout the year), a post will be created here before each Friday mentioning the scenario that will be played. You can then download the scenario and decide if you want to CO (post here if you want to take it), otherwise whoever volunteers on Friday will be the CO.



Most of the time, COs will be chosen randomly (via die roll) and then teams will be "drafted" by those COs. There are a few caveats here:


  • Anyone who CO'd the week before will be exempt from the CO random selection.
  • Newer players are exempt from the CO random selection, unless their number is rolled and they say that they would like to CO (they are given the option).
  • On some occasions, in specific scenarios, volunteers to CO will be allowed/requested (such very large scenarios or cooperative scenarios).


The random COs procedure has been successful in allowing others to share the burden/joy of CO'ing, has given them more experience, and affords everyone the opportunity to CO, and keeps the experience fresh so that we avoid past tendencies where a few end up CO'ing all the time.



There will always be bugs in software and Steel Beasts is no exception. Also, functionality that exists in the Pro version which has carried over into Pro PE often creates unforeseen situations which allow for abuse and unrealistic behavior. To counter this, there are "TGIF HOUSE RULES" which are basically a set of ethical rules to allow "fair and realistic play" to keep scenarios from bogging down into the morass of shame. The House Rules are as follows (and the list may grow over time):


  1. Although Steel Beasts can be modded, thermal textures and vegetation models and textures should NOT be modified to allow for easier spotting of targets, or clearer picture, because it provides an unfair advantage over other users. Screenshots will be occasionally taken by the host and if thermal textures are modified then a warning will be issued. Further violation will result in a permanent ban from TGIF sessions. See SB.com Community Rules for more information.
  2. DO NOT use support vehicles (supply vehicles, bridge layers, maintenance vehicles) for reconnaissance. In a one-off TGIF scenario, where there are no consequences of getting these assets killed, its just gamey and silly to use these vehicles in this way.
  3. DO NOT use helicopters with the intent of causing a distraction for the AI. Everyone knows when this is happening, like when empty transport helicopters repeatedly return to "buzz" (fly over) enemy units at top speed again and again. Flying in on troop insertions and back out again is acceptable, as is engaging targets from a battleposition.


NOTE: Failure to abide by the rules will result in drastic measures by the TGIF coordinators, such as not posting the scenarios in advance, removing features from scenarios (like artillery and aircraft), or in the case of repeated violations, banning certain users from CO'ing, or from participating in TGIF. Also, the CO should strive to have all users on his side play within the guidelines of the house rules - since bad behavior of the side reflects badly on the CO.



*AFTER* the scenario is played, feel free to post constructive criticism about the scenario here, so that it can be improved. All constructive criticism will be taken into account, but pissing and moaning will be ignored.

Constructive criticism = complaints with specific suggestions

Pissing and moaning = complaints with no specific suggestions




  • The scenario may change at the last minute depending on TGIF turnout.
  • Any plan file that you may create may be rendered invalid by last minute adjustments to the scenario (if you are going to CO, it is better to save a plan AND take a screen shot of the plan as backup).
  • Sometimes the TGIF scenario listing may not get updated due to real world situations.
  • This TGIF scenario listing will continue until we point in time that it is deemed "too much trouble", which is the moment in which we determine that no one new is CO'ing, or the situation is no different than before, or that the matches are becoming unfair (due to both sides studying the enemy situation in advance).
  • The scenarios that appear in this listing are either new, classics, or at least played frequently and deemed "balanced". If you have a scenario that you think should be added to the play list then PM or create a post here about it.
  • If you have a new scenario you want considered for TGIF play, then test it in the community first. We try to avoid using TGIF as a scenario testing session.
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This week will be same scenario as last time -- going to give it one more chance before we skip it (last week we ended up playing something else instead).


10 JAN scenario:


Island Invasion 02-4162a

(updated/enhanced with new 4.1 vehicles and features, 2020 era)



  • Draft? Yes.
  • Random CO selection? Yes.
  • Minimum # players: 10 or 12 (10 for the FMU version)



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On 1/11/2020 at 6:05 PM, Bond_Villian said:

Great scenario, BLUE made a bit of a hash of it though...i reckon we have a rematch of this one next week!?


I hope to schedule it again next month so I can get the balance nailed down. I am not looking for Blue to win, rather, just to get it where Blue has a descent shot at it.


Also, apologies to my team if I was a bit testy. The scenario is easily one of the most stressful and difficult scenarios in SB; it should be used at military academies to train for stress. ;)


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The Island mission in the last version was a very difficult mission for blue (i'm very sure blue has lost all the times), but with the last change is even more difficult, changed t-62 for t-72  while blue force remains very similar.What is the reason behind that?

Anyways is a very fun mission,im ready to re-play when you want.


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It was done to modernize the scenario. Other changes were made to Blue too (including the Blue side map updates, better missiles, better RPGs and better reinforcement vehicles).


The problem of course is that Blue cannot get those reinforcement vehicles reliably, and this is where small balance changes are being made to *hopefully* make that more likely to occur. We'll see. The trick is, I don't want it too easy for Blue to gain the reinforcements, but not impossible either, so its a delicate dance that hasn't quite been nailed down just yet...

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Thanks all for playing the alternate scenarios last TGIF.


I made some small refinements to it for "next time".


-penalty zone around the edge of the map increased to 300m from 200m.

-penalty zone probability is 100%.

-Added 4x Ural trucks to both sides, 1 every 2km of front just behind the "pawns". Can be used for moving the pawns faster, and to resupply them with ammo (when mounted). If someone wants to waste them as recon, then that is fine too, who cares - they won't last long.

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I'm new to SB and would like to get involved with MP play.  I've played through some of the Camp Hornfelt Scenarios, the Tanks! scenario and some other stuff.  But a long ways from being a Tank Ace! Questions:


1 - What time are the TGIF events held?  How do they usually last?


2 - I'm not familiar with all of the vehicles.  Are the scenarios posted before the event so I can familiarize myself in preparation for the event?


3 - Login information where is that posted?  Do I need to set up accounts anywhere beforehand?


I'd like to give this a shot if that's possible.  I'm sure I'll make a fool of myself but nothing ventured nothing gained.




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In order:


1. Friday night US time. Have a look here for global equivalents: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200208T14&p1=57 Roughly 2-3 hours.


2. Not normally (at least recently). However if you turn up just say you aren't familiar with "X" and someone will give you a hand.


3. You just need to access the Steel Beast's Teamspeak server.


Easiest way to do that is go to the online play tab here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/online_play.html/ and then click on the teamspeak widow (top right corner) and it will launch it for you.


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