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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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10 hours ago, Bond_Villian said:

Sorry to say that i wont be here for the finale, family stuff strikes again.

May the best Soviet win.

It is possible that we might push the final campaign scenario to next week if Blue thinks that is best (Sean won't be available either), so we will see...

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If I get a vote, I would say we should punt until next week and do a filler one until we can get all hands present for the stunning conclusion of the series, and do another scenario tonight.

Red Dawn' — A Cold War Movie Classic | by Richard Brownell | Medium


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Thanks for playing Mission 10. That concludes Firefight 79-2021, the result is a DRAW.


Thanks to CavGunner and Valley Boy for CO'ing, with Sean for putting up with hosting the long last scenario.


After tonight the final score is:


Scenario 1

  • US: +706
  • Soviet: -294

Scenario 2

  • US +326
  • Soviet: -674

Scenario 3

  • US +800
  • Soviet: -100

Scenario 4

  • US +1000
  • Soviet: -0

Scenario 5

  • US +163
  • Soviet: -837

Scenario 6

  • US +0
  • Soviet: -1000

Scenario 7

  • US +607
  • Soviet: -1000

Scenario 8

  • US +300
  • Soviet: -700

Scenario 9

  • US +598
  • Soviet: -202

Scenario 10

  • US +319
  • Soviet: -281


  • -269 (Draw)


If interested, here is the traditional "campaign ribbon" for fun and memories, you can put into your signature if you like. 😎




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It was a lot of fun, both sides had ups and downs.  Red ended up doing better overall.  With a total of 10,000 possible points available for both sides, for it to end up as a draw just shows how hard fought it was.  And I was forced to celebrate a draw for blue, which is lame. :)


Congrats to both Co's for taking one for the team, and to Volcano for making/running it.   

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14 hours ago, Volcano said:

If interested, here is the traditional "campaign ribbon" for fun and memories, you can put into your signature if you like. 😎





Well done to the COs for the usual cat herding and to Volcano for putting it together.


As I only arrived at the end and then dropped halfway through I wont be using the ribbon as I'm pretty sure I didn't "qualify".


Also the shredding of my command meant I should be broken back, not rewarded.


It did reconfirm for me running a reinforced Mech Platoon (5 x APC, 10+ Inf icons) in a deliberate breach / attack with the scenario settings as they were is not, in my opinion, a one person job.


But I wish you well in future endeavours.

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Maybe I am missing the point, but (again) if you had found that you had too many units, then take less units next time.  It does happen from time to time, everyone has experienced a scenario where they had too many units, but we do the best we can to accomplish the mission as best as possible - that is a story as old as SB.  That said, I don't see why whether or not you feel like you had too many units is somehow my problem with making a scenario; I can't control how many people show up and play, and because it was a campaign, we couldn't quite swap sides from week to week.


Also, you are never going to convince me that one person is not able to manage a platoon of PCs w/ 10+ associated infantry icons, which is exactly what I had on the opposite side of the hill. Now someone can say - 'but the defender has an easier job!', but that isn't true.  I wasn't just sitting in a static defense waiting to die, rather the defense was very fluid, falling back, displacing, calling in artillery, healing with the medic, reacting to attacks, popping smoke, firing grenades, shifting fires, - not just sitting still. But I agree that controlling an infantry platoon in an attack is one of the most challenging things to do, and certainly a deliberate attack is more demanding - but you directly decide the tempo as the attacker, the defender has no control of that.  Naturally it also depends on the situation as well, a platoon storming Omaha Beach vs. a platoon just walking from A to B on a less defended part of the sector, and it just so happened that you were tasked with assaulting directly into a strong point.  So, I see both sides of it.


But this is also how campaigns tend to go -- people start playing at the start of it, then as it goes along, for whatever reason or another some lose interest, or maybe real life gets in the way. But I do appreciate all those that participated and especially those that didn't quit. :D







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I'm certainly not blaming you and if that's the impression I gave I'd like to correct it.


We had the usual mix of individuals who only seem to want to manage a individual vehicle and accordingly some of us needed to take on more so that CavGunner wasn't stuck trying to control more stuff than he already had.


I've avoided TGIF for a while now due to other reasons, which I don't think would be too productive to go into here, and thought I'd have another go yesterday.


It just reconfirmed that its no longer fun for me and hard to justify sitting at a PC for almost all of a Saturday afternoon as chores and other things that my wife would like to do / have done go unattended.



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20 minutes ago, Gibsonm said:

I'm certainly not blaming you and if that's the impression I gave I'd like to correct it.

Ah OK, I guess I misinterpreted that part - no worries. I will correct my comment then.


But yes, its one of the huge challenges with figuring out how many units are "too many", as there are so many variables involved. In some scenarios controlling a company is possible, while in others controlling a single platoon is difficult, depending on how well the enemy "cooperates" and METT considerations. Its also one of the challenges as the CO - knowing who to give what, and how much, and also avoiding being straddled with so many units themselves. But then again, that's the fun of SB. ;)

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2 minutes ago, BoomsBangsandCans said:


its simple then, we start another...

Well, there is another similar (and new) Cold War type campaign planned later this year. Let's see how it goes.  Stay tuned.... (I have to give Valleyboy time to gather his 1980s movie clips).

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Yes, I mean, we have Red Dawn and many others to intersperse there.  Though maybe I'll take it a bit easy going forward with the clips.


Looking forward to our next TGIF, this has been really great and I have really enjoyed playing together as a team.  I'm hoping we can do another campaign in a month, or when the other participants are ready?

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