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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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On 2/4/2020 at 11:09 AM, CrackerJack said:

I'm new to SB and would like to get involved with MP play.  I've played through some of the Camp Hornfelt Scenarios, the Tanks! scenario and some other stuff.  But a long ways from being a Tank Ace! Questions:


1 - What time are the TGIF events held?  How do they usually last?


2 - I'm not familiar with all of the vehicles.  Are the scenarios posted before the event so I can familiarize myself in preparation for the event?


3 - Login information where is that posted?  Do I need to set up accounts anywhere beforehand?


I'd like to give this a shot if that's possible.  I'm sure I'll make a fool of myself but nothing ventured nothing gained.




Whoops, a week late in reply but...


Come on by if you are still interested. Nobody is a professional in TGIF; we all have our good days and bad days. And everyone is very forgiving to new players, so don't worry!





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On 2/26/2020 at 12:57 AM, Volcano said:

28 FEB scenario:


Mech Company MTC (1978)-FG-4162



  • Draft? Yes.
  • Random CO selection? Yes.
  • Minimum # players: 10 (or the FMU version if less).


Is this available anywhere for download for map review.

I'd like to review the map before hand if possible.

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06 MAR scenario:


Island Invasion 02-4162d

Yes, this is a rematch from 10 weeks ago (time flies!). Additional improvements, tweaks and adjustments for balance were made.



  • Draft? Yes.
  • Random CO selection? Yes.
  • Minimum # players: 10-12+ (or the FMU version if less).


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45 minutes ago, Volcano said:

Always the latest version, yes.

Understood - just trying to draw the point out to confirm.


Ideally to avoid the usually complaining by people who turn up 30 sec before H hour and then moan about there being a new version, us having to wait for them to download and install, etc. ;)

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8 hours ago, Superproxy said:

Hi i'm Superproxy in game and I'm new to Steel Beasts. I was wondering whether i'd be able to join your TGIF event and if so where can I talk to you for briefing. Are you on TS? Thanks 😊

I'm pretty sure we covered this yesterday too during our extended Tech Support session.


TGIF / BG ANZAC / Ad Hoc = on SB's TS server (yes the one we used yesterday).


Kanium on their SB Server (details provided yesterday and at the start of most / all of their event posts). :)


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