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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules


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23 SEP 2022:


Future Wars-Oncilla-4362 



Please try to get the map before game time if you don't have it already, by using the Map Transfer Manager and querying the following UID:




  • Draft? Yes.
  • Random CO selection? Yes.
  • Minimum # players: 8


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Actually, after a discussion, we discovered that Sean and two of the backup TGIF hosts (myself included) will be out this Friday (not all for the same reason) and will not be available. 


So, it seems like the best thing to do is to put TGIF on hold this Friday, and resume it next Friday on 14 OCT, when the Firefight 79 campaign begins.


I will leave the above scenario in the lobby, as well as the most recent Battlezone scenario, so if the community wants to try to get a game together at that time then by all means, you may use either of those scenarios if you like. Or take the Friday off and rest or go out on town. 😃


So, until next Friday the 14th...

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