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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules


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5 hours ago, Colebrook said:

Can you open the TGIF AARs? Since the last patch i can't, and only happens with TGIF missions ,I can open single player or Kanium AARs without problem.


I can open the "Valley of Tears" one from late May - the last one I attended.


Happy to send you a copy if you'd like to run it as a control?


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Thanks for playing.  Of course it can be a bit frustrating to play for red, but that is to be expected and was still a good fight.


Made quite a few small improvements...


-Added GLs, unit quality, and PL/PSG medics to infantry.

-Added +20 min

-Slightly adjusted capture condition of the ADA circle.


Should be good after that. Smaller version seems better too.

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59 minutes ago, MisterCommander said:

So what are the conditions now?

I don't know (since I'm not doing the editing) but I think its a move towards Red out numbering Blue as opposed to all of Blue being destroyed - to avoid the lone vehicle / unit concealed in a building, fold in the ground, etc.

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