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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules


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5 hours ago, Colebrook said:

Do I have to send you the reinforcements or we are using the same units?

Another thing, someone can send me a good AAR? I think mine is not the real one, unit movement was not updating at the end of the mission.

Hey Colebrook, no, the commanders do not select any units this turn, as its not built into the campaign. I have taken the liberty of adding some 'supplementary' units the map for both sides. This turn is really just the second half of last weeks scenario, and as such will only be 70 minutes long. I have made changes to the Save In Progress file, including updating the front line and CP ownership and deployment regions etc.


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3 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

I follow you on YT but didn't see a video from this event. Was interested to see how it went.


Are you going to post any footage?


I'm also free on Friday. Might swing by. 

Hey Apoc, as Cav said, there were issues with the sce last week (i believe resolved now), so the sesdion was stopped at about 45 minutes but i have footage that i might clean up and post along with this weeks footage. Do feel free to join us, theres some info on the campaign on the previous page of this thread , in case youre interested

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Zero, would it be possible to get the scenario out to the COs like a hour or so before game time so they can start planning a little ahead of time? The planning on these has already been taking over an hour, and if I'm not mistaken this next scenario is going to be pretty big which will surely make it even later before we get started.

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Yeah, ill PM the CO's the sce in advance today if i get a chance.

Having said that, i think the longer planning times are on account of it being a campaign, and the sense of consequence that comes with that. 

If you get bored you can always draw doodles on the side of the map... or if you get really bored you could read the briefing or do terrain analysis! ;)

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20 NOV 2020:


Warlords of Paderborn-4167-smaller-FMU



  • Draft? Yes.
  • Random CO selection? Yes; 4x COs [Draft order is Green, Red, Blue, Gray]
  • Minimum # players: 8 (optimal is 3+ per side, minimum is 2 per side; scenario 50% size of original, and has FMU)


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Warlords of Paderborn


Grey's Warlord tank was destroyed in their HQ, but it was never repaired.  Another vehicle was was destroyed in their HQ and it was repaired.


If the Warlord tank was supposed to be repaired then that needs to be fixed in the scenario.  If it was not supposed to be repaired, it would be good state that in the briefing.


It was destroyed within the the 15 minute time window for repairs; well before the end of the scenario.

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