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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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Before I forget (because I will), it just so happens that Christmas AND New Years Day falls on a Friday this year. So we won't be having TGIF this Friday, nor next Friday. We will resume it on 8 JAN 2021, barring some sort of world ending event. ☠️💀😲


Of course if any of you want to meet up for games on the TS server then go right ahead.  Enjoy the holidays!



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15 JAN 2021:


Civil War Dera Ghazi Part2-smaller-4167



  • Draft? No. This is part 2, everyone should play on same sides as last week, but any new arrivals can balance the teams out.
  • Random CO selection? No. CO can be same as last week, or anyone on that side can volunteer.
  • Minimum # players: 12 (4v4v4)


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