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TGIF: scenario list, discussion, and house rules

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Before I forget (because I will), it just so happens that Christmas AND New Years Day falls on a Friday this year. So we won't be having TGIF this Friday, nor next Friday. We will resume it on 8 JAN 2021, barring some sort of world ending event. ☠️💀😲


Of course if any of you want to meet up for games on the TS server then go right ahead.  Enjoy the holidays!



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15 JAN 2021:


Civil War Dera Ghazi Part2-smaller-4167



  • Draft? No. This is part 2, everyone should play on same sides as last week, but any new arrivals can balance the teams out.
  • Random CO selection? No. CO can be same as last week, or anyone on that side can volunteer.
  • Minimum # players: 12 (4v4v4)


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To be fair, what I meant was:


...if you installed it with the initial installer, and you are fine with the fact that a non-functional STRIX round is present on the new Piranha V AAAMS vehicle (which isn't even used unless someone creates a brand new scenario with that vehicle, and then specifically gives it that ammo which is not default ammo for it), and if you don't use the Russian language localization where the text was broken, then you are fine.  The game engine itself is exactly the same between the two installers. 


IIRC, the installer was mainly updated to fix an issue with the installer itself which prevented it from functioning properly for some users, and then those two fixes (above) were made as well, because it was being rebuilt.




My guess is that neither of these changes are going to matter enough to really justify uninstalling, re-downloading, reinstalling, but its all up to personal preference. 


All I am saying is that there is no need to urgently do that before TGIF, as long as you have either 4.250 installer.   😐

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29 JAN 2021:


China Rising-AU Defense 2021-4249

This is a new scenario, a straightforward CN attack, vs. AU defense. Since it is a new scenario, it may have some issues.



  • Draft? Yes
  • Random CO selection? Yes
  • Minimum # players: 10 (ideally 12)


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59 minutes ago, Volcano said:

This is a new scenario, a straightforward CN attack, vs. AU defence.


This will be short, assuming you are using what we currently have.


Hopefully you have a second scenario ready to go.

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