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Commander not identifying all targets


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I have created a scenario with Blue as the T-55A and Red with 5 vehicles.

Red vehicles are at the following ranges: 1 km, 1.2 km, 1.6 km, 2 km, 3 km.

The map I am using is the Tutorial Map, and I am firing from West to East with the time at 14:00 with clear sky.  I can see all of the targets, although the one at 3 km is difficult to see, but I can still make it out and hit it with a the first round.  Also, I have visibility set to 10 km.


The commander will identify and tell me to fire at the first two units, but tells me to cease fire when I fire at the other three units.  Why does he not tell me to fire at all enemy units?



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Well either way - FCS or range is a constraining factor.


E.g. For the Leo AS1 we needed to allow 22,000m on range templates for "service sabot" because that's how far the round could fly.


No one was suggestion you'd engage targets at 22,000m though. ;)


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If the AI decides that gun fire is no longer effective - this will depend on the type of ammunition loaded, and the range of the target - the commander will order you to cease fire. You can still shoot and occasionally score a hit, but the routine prevents AI from wasting ammo on targets beyond their "effective range", and there is no special rule to make the AI behave differently just because a human guest is on board.

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I think all of these suggestions are relevant.  I will try to substitute a different tank and ammo and see if the capability changes.


For the T-55 anything beyond 2 km is hard to pull out.  The vehicle I put at 2 km is an M60 so I could have the best hope of seeing it.  Anything smaller and beyond that distance only shows up as about 5 pixels on my screen.



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