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Hello everyone,


It's me, Gladiator(911) from the german PzBtl 911.


A few months ago I've made a new scenario with 1 Tank Platoon ( Leopard2A4) and 1 Gren Platoon ( Marder1A3). The other vehicles from BLUE and RED are A.I.


It's a delay.


This scenario takes around 90-130min


This scenario is happening on the BEEDENBOSTEL Map. Typus is Autumn.


A Mech Inf Btl (+) is attacking from the south. ( BMP & T-72)


I'd appreciate it, when some of you will come on friday the 17th of janaury at 8PM german time for playing this scenario.

We need minimum 4 players for this scenario.


3x Marder 1A3

4x Leopard 2A4


You can download this scenario and the new Map on our PzBtl 911 TeamSpeak Server. There we will also play this scenario.


I hope a few of you guys will have time and mood for playing this scenario.

I'll also streaming it on my Twitch Channel as well.


with best regards






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Great to hear the PzBtl 911 maybe coming back. :)


I believe the global conversion for that is: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20200117T20&p1=37


I'm currently unsure if I can make it (trying the determine the battle rhythm of the HQ) but as its relatively early on a Saturday (for me) I might be able to make it.


I could only control things via the map though (my laptop in Melbourne would be connecting to my primary machine (the one running the SB software) in Canberra).

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I just made it as Company Scenario as well.

Need minimum 9 players for.

But THIS bigger Version we can play another time on a weekend, when more of us have time for. But first i want play the smaller version with only 2 platoons.


Company Version:


1x Marder CO

1x Marder (Xo)

2x IFV Platoons (Alfa & Bravo) Marder

1x MBT Platoon (Charlie) Leopard 2A4

1x ARV Wiesent

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6 hours ago, Gladiator(911) said:

@Gibsonm in my scenario we dont have a HQ. Only 2 platoons. Maybe one day i can make this scenario as a company with 3 platoons plus Co. 


Sorry for the confusion. I meant the Battle Rythm of the HQ where I currently am working, not necessarily the HQ in your scenario. :)


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4 minutes ago, Gladiator(911) said:

It was a bloody mission, at least for our grenadier platoon.

Even with 4 players it's hard to manage it. Hopefully next time we will have 1-2 more players for the mission.

Thanks for playing with me this scenario.

Next time I'll try joining. Had to work till 2100 today 😞

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I'm currently uploading the Video on my YouTube channel. Are almost 18GB. It's a 2hrs Video. Maybe in 3-4 hours it's uploaded.

There you can also see my dead how i got killed by a shot down HIND, while he was spinning around 😠(?!?!?) *BUG?🤔


The tank platoon had damn much luck and lost "only" 1 tank. 🍀But it felt like they've lost much more.🚑

The grenadier platoon got killed completely. ☠️☠️☠️ Mostly by the 2 HINDS within 1 minute.


After all it was nice to play something again after so long. Hopefully next time with more players. As I already said, even with 4 players it's still hard to manage it.


Thanks again to OlegNik & DBoy for joining the mission.

Edited by Gladiator(911)
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