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Feuersalamander - 7th of March

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Feuersalamander   (fire salamander)    saturday, 7th of March (19:00 GMT)


... is an attack with a german reinforced Infantry Company (Marder), plus one Tank platoon (Leopard 2A4)


The order is simple:

Our company is in the north and we have to move to the south as fast as possible, because RED is on the march to the north with already one Mech Inf Company (BMP2). The rest of the Red Bataillon is a few hours behind this Mech Inf Company.

We have to take the first OBJECT ( OBJ I ) (Kreutzen) as fast as possible, before RED is crossing the northern bridges. After that we have to take the final OBJECT ( OBJ II ) (Poitzen) in the southern part with the entire Inf Company, destroying the enemy there and secure the OBJ until our (AI) Tank company from the north arrives.


We have only 4 tubes of artillery. HE and Smoke.


Each Inf.Platoon has 1 MILAN Trp. (Plt Ldr)


This scenario takes maximum 90minutes, but has non-expiring.


MAP: the latest "Schwarmstedt_Bergen_Munster_Eimke" map. You can download it from 911 website (not from here!).



RED: Since this morning, Red in strength of a Mech Inf Reg, is on the away in northern direction. Airlandings are possible or even PC's in strength of a company, they keep open the bridges near POITZEN for the following regiment. Red is probably planning to move forward to the north with reconnaissance.


BLUE: One hour ago. the PzGrenBrig 16 ( InfBrig 16) arrived the south eastern part of MUNSTER and moves forward with a reinforced Inf Company ( 2./162) to the south.

The 3rd Company is on the right side and just arrived the eastern part of the Training Area MUNSTER-SÜD.

The InfBtn 163 is on the left side and is on march to the FAßBERG AIRBASE.


The Commander of the InfBtn 162 (PzGrenBtl 162) got the task, to move to the south with the Inf Comp as fast as possible, to destroy the enemy in the area of KREUTZEN - POITZEN and to take the bridge in POITZEN and to defend this OBJ ( POITZEN) until the 4. TankComp of the 164. TankBtn arrives.


Our mission orders:

- move to the south with the A-Inf Ptn & E-Tank Ptn as fast as possible,

- take the first OBJECT (KREUTZEN) "OBJ I"

- destroy the enemy in this area

- attack the final OBJECT "OBJ II" (POITZEN) with the Inf Comp

- keep open the bridges for the following companies

- defend POITZEN


Artillery: 4 tubes HE & Smoke






Playable units:



Chef (CO) 2./162 (Marder)    (?player?)


Alfa Platoon (Marder)

A         (+MILAN-Trp)         ( dlad )

A1                               (?player?)

A2                               (Nike-Ajax)


Bravo Platoon (Marder)

B          (+MILAN-Trp)        ( newjackcity )

B1                               (?player?)

B2                               ( Abraxas )


Charlie Platoon (Marder)

C          (+MILAN-Trp)        ( TSe419E )

C1                               (?player?)

C2                               ( Gladiator )


Delta Platoon (Marder)

D         (+MILAN-Trp)         ( OlegNik )

D1                               (?player?)

D2                               ( Reserved RU)


Echo Platoon (Leopard 2A4)

E                                 (?player?)

E1                               ( Raven434th )

E2                               ( Colebrook )

E3                               ( Assassin 7 )


Support:                       (?player?)

1x ARV (Wisent)

1x Medic (M113Med)

1x Bridge-layer (Biber)


RED is fully scripted!



I know there are many IFVs in this scenario, but that's how it is.


SS_17_53_10.thumb.jpg.c0b71d53161c5cedefb1b27cfeac6f14.jpgSS_17_53_22.thumb.jpg.420891404f73cf340c413e7143ae9373.jpgSS_17_53_25.thumb.jpg.3c544e9533f318c4427d736f05360406.jpgSS_17_53_32.thumb.jpg.d43153ad6e2d025a6b4b3a61c15e47f5.jpgSS_17_53_37.thumb.jpg.e22c94592517d00586ecaf16599e0691.jpgSS_17_53_40.thumb.jpg.97320b6effd5a9f4cf33eac2717f9be0.jpgSS_17_53_58.thumb.jpg.6ea853b4e07a02a04353d33f0613889f.jpgSS_17_54_13.thumb.jpg.629858e98ce38269b71037163da5a164.jpgSS_17_54_31.thumb.jpg.54b48d0d4efbd3f54411060ef537f60b.jpgSS_17_55_11.thumb.jpg.f738efa4ddbe8a656f8cbdd4606a76be.jpg1st OBJECT ( ZZ )SS_17_55_52.thumb.jpg.0ca800353baa297c3a2799e812585837.jpgFinal Company OBJECT ( I OBJ )

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On 2/16/2020 at 8:48 PM, Gibsonm said:

I may be back home for this and therefore able to connect to 911 TeamSpeak and finally participate.




I wont be home until the 10th my time (9th yours) so I won't be able to participate.

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