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Suweon-Osan map and the old scenario


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On 2/14/2020 at 3:49 PM, Jartsev said:

There is an installer containing all maps(minus Terrastan), which were delivered with v.4.0: Legasy Maps Installer; 'Suweon-Osan' map is likely should be included. 


Please note, that those maps are not converted for use with v.4.1, and you need to do this yourself:


Thank you for the advice!


I've managed to restore my scenario... But I can't make this map published (the upper right side is grayed out).


Why is that? 


As I understand to upload my scenario I should share this map... Correct?

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Grayed out  right panel, which  contains terrain and objects selection options, and  entry 'Publish map' missing from the 'File' drop-down menu are  indicating that map package is is published. Alternatively you can check  status of your  map package  using 'Open' entry of the 'File' menu and  toggling 'Filter by publication state' options.


Please note: 'Published' status means, that map got read-only compressed state and can be utilized for offline or network session. This doesn't mean, that map package was  uploaded anywhere.


Yes, generally it's  better to share map with scenario, and procedure is described here:


...Just a word of caution... Please upload scenario and map package separately to appropriate sections, don't pack them both  to one single archive.

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