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Ammo overload - Resupply


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While playing around testing my latest mission


I noticed the if you reduce the Sho't Kal's HESH load and replace the empty "space" with APDS,

When you park it next to a supply truck, at the start of the mission so the APDS rounds haven't been used, the tank takes on ammo to fill the HESH rounds to it's default loadout.

The Issue:

These rounds are in addition to the APDS rounds already loaded.

So you end up with (Going off the top of my head here):


9-45 APDS

7-36 HESH


100 rounds, Hmm.


I guess Gallifrey and the Timelords have expanded into the defence business?


When I found this happening I did do a @TankHunter style "Huh, OK, that's odd." It wasn't quite a "Oh. Oh, Wow." though. :D


I can't say if this happens with other vehicles though.

Just thought I'd mention it.

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