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1 hour ago, wildbillkelsoe said:

I cant load a legacy scenario in mission editor to extract map package.

First  of all, there is  absolutely no need to load scenario in mission editor for the map  extraction.  Open mission editor, but do not try to open any scenario  there, then proceed directly to "File" menu and click there "Extract to  map package";  dialog for scenario selection will pop-up- select required scenario there and extract map. If extracted map package  have same name  as embedded map, ypu will be able to play this sce without further editing(well,  ideally it would be nice  to check and fix  double IDs,  but password protection will not let you load sce in the mission editor).


1 hour ago, wildbillkelsoe said:

I think a repository of the old maps with UID is needed.

This is not technically possible because of amount of custom scenarios made by users

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