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Down and out for a while


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Well, looks like Windows decided to jack up my PC again.  Nearly did a full wipe out.  I still have SB on the PC, but each and every scenario that did not come with the game is gone.  If it wasn't on saved disk, it's gone.  In addition, the system is running slower than normal.


So, I'll be running every diagnostics, restore, defrag, unfrag (you KNOW what I wanted to say, but had to be creative here), virus scan and just about everything else for the next few days. 


Does this mean I have to upload all the scenarios again?  Damn.  


Has anyone had this happen in the past week?

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Ok, so this is some weird stuff.  Apparently, the Windows update made my PC put most of the game files and other materials into a "PC basement" of sorts.  Checking my OS drive, I didn't lose anything.  Only a question of where the goodies were.  I happened to find my scenarios in places like OneDrive and in other spots when typing up the names in search bar.  I think everything's good for now.  


Lessons learned:  BACK UP MY FILES MORE!  followed by: DON'T PANIC!  



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