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Force of Steel 76


... is a Company Scenario in 1976 with a mixed german Tank Company.

2 Platoon M60 (M48) + 1 Platoon Marder

Each platoon has 5 tanks.


A dutch Inf Comp (YPR)(AI) is supporting the german mixed company.


RED party are the east germans (NVA) with a reinforced Mech Inf Btn (BMP 1 and T 55).


Red is in the offense , Blue in the defense


We are starting in the early morning. That's why it's a bit foggy. But after 15-20min it's gone and you can see far enough again.


The german M60A3 Texture you can download here:



The Map is my new Germany_Munster 2020 Map which you can't download yet. I will upload it here when I've finished some parts I need for this scenario.


Here the 911-Thread-Link for watching some screenshots of the latest Version of this map:





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