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Ukrainian Army Receives New Upgraded T-72 Main Battle Tanks


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2 hours ago, marques said:

what´s the reason of the plastic/fabric skirts either in the hull front and in the turret front? I keep seeing them lately and I cannot figure out it´s utility, to be honest.


It breaks the silhouette of the tank, HE standoff, less dust when driving.

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The question is a bit more complex, like

  • Who's willing to actually deliver new equipment
  • Even if the political will was there (it isn't), who has the capacity to deliver something quickly
  • Even if someone had the capacity to quickly ramp up tank production (I don't see it), has Ukraine the means to pay (probably not)
  • Even then, have the Ukrainian forces the capacity to maintain and repair the equipment

With all these factors in mind, I think they're better off placing their bets on the modernization of Soviet equipment, at least for the short to medium term. In the long run that might change but then who knows how the strategic picture will change "in the long run".

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Ukraine is home to one of the most famous Soviet tank Design bureaus, Kharkiv Morozov, who designed the T-34, T-54, T-64, and T-80UD.  

Their tanks have time and again revolutionized tank designs. and basically caused a "red scare" every time they made something new. 

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I think it's keeping their tank expertise, and workforce. Also , they would have a lot in country that would be faster, and cost less to upgrade (and export said upgrades) , than buy new if they could,and as Snake said , a low probability of getting them soon, and for less that their upgrades.

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