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By now, some of us if not most or all, are restricted to our homes due to our jobs being shut down being non-essentials.  My status has changed just this afternoon.


Just wondering who's been playing SB nearly non-stop as if life is about to come to an end?  I can tell you fellow Treadheads that I now have LOTS of time for map conversions, game playing, and scenario designing!  

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45 minutes ago, Volcano said:

I have been playing SB non-stop for 20 years. Does that count? B|

I've only managed a paltry 14.

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We have done several ADHOCs on top of the sessions that is already public and open to all so BGANZACs, TGIF and KANIUMs to just mention those I know of.


The challenge I think is primarily one of timezones as we are literally spread out all over the world.

Having said that then just tell us when YOU want a session and I am certain there will be takers: you do not need 10+ guys to have fun


You do not need a TS either as there is SB TS and you can host up to 8 people on a normal license. And I am fairly certain than one of us guys who has server licenses would be happy to host if we can and given some warning.


This might be a huge community but I think we kinda try to do good by and for each other.

Sometimes we sadly step on someones toes, but I have never experienced that it was from malice or a wish to make other players/people angry or hurt.

But maybe more from a standpoint than many of us for lack of better terms are Alpha Males. So maybe kinda used to giving clear instructions to put it that way?

I think without becoming too emotional or high strung that a crappy situation like this could actually be a chance to expand player bases, or maybe mend some fences?
Or have fun together with some new people.

But who am I to tell anyone what to do, think or feel?

No matter what then I hope you all are well, and have fun playing or whatever you do to pass time.

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