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The short JoyToKey guide.

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I’ve boiled the JTK part from my Multiple Controllers tutorial:





down to this:


The short JoyToKey guide.

  • Download JTK (Link in the Multiple Controllers tutorial below.)

  • Install JTK

  • Doubleclick JTK shortcut.

  • Create a profile and save it.

  • Chose your new profile.

  • Click Options

  • Change ”Number of joysticks to configure (Max 50)” enter the number of controllers you have connected including the vJoy’s. Hit enter.

  • Change Stick/POV to “Show all axes (8 way + POV x 4)” Save.


  • Click Settings(S), Click Preferences...(P), Mark Highlight pressed buttons” Click OK.

  • Press a button on your controller and click the Joystick tab that is highligted when you do.

    Assigning functions:

  • Right click the axis/button and chose “Edit this button assignment”.

  • Send 1 keyboard press

    Press the wished for key and hit “Enter”

  • Send key combinations, up to 4 simultaneous keys

    Press the first key in the combination, Click the next field and press the second key. Field 3 and 4 are automatically highlighted when you press a key. When done, hit Enter.


  • If you Right Click the field you can differentiate between left and right presses like L-Shift or R-Shift and a slew of other options.

  • Right clicking and choosing “Clear this button assignment” is the fastest way to clear an assignment.

  • When you have added the wished for assignments, Click File(F) and save.


Important! Be Careful! Your Profile is now active! It will send out keypresses if you move your controller or click the assigned buttons. I messed up my Spell Checking settings because of this.

You can even change JTK assignments when SB is running, but do be careful.

A fairly safe place to test is opening up Notepad and see what comes out there.

Happy Simming


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