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M60 sounds - file names

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I have made a sound mod for the M60 start-up/shotdown, idle and rumble sounds, however I have difficulty applying it as I couldnt fiure out which files the M60 used for these. The FX list file contains multiple entries for the M60 but I couldnt figure it out.

It also lists a few file names which have special characters in them - but since you cannot have "\" in a file name how should these be used? Or does this mean you have to create a sub-folder for M60 within Mods/FX folder?


713    M60\m_M60A3EngineShutdown.wav
711    M60\m_M60A3EngineStartup.wav
712    M60\x_M60A3Engine.wav
714    M60\x_M60A3Rumble.wav


If anyone knows what the file names for the exterior M60 sounds are that would be appreciated. Thanks

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