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KANIUM Sunday 5th of April - "Operation The Last of the Spartans" by Nike-Ajax

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22 minutes ago, Nike-Ajax said:

Just create a new scenario pick the matching map and do your in-depth map recce?



In real life doctrine, a defending side that has time will scout out his Area of Operations to determine the best firing positions, minefield deployment, Observation Posts, Dismount fighting positions, and so on.  

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2 minutes ago, RedWardancer said:



In real life doctrine, a defending side that has time will scout out his Area of Operations to determine the best firing positions, minefield deployment, Observation Posts, Dismount fighting positions, and so on.  


I know ....


So go for it

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As there are now many posts in this thread: and thank you all for the interest and activity, then I will just try to gather the practical and technical input here so its in one place:

Disregard if you already know it or have read it - we are looking forward to seeing you tonight:

Please be there at least 30 minutes early if you need to check comms, the scenario etc. because we are many people tonight so we start promptly at the indicated time in order to respect everyone's time and because this is a large scenario timewise.



1) Radio Discipline: brief and precise because there will be lots of traffic even then: this goes inside the PLTs as well. PLT LDRs, PLT SGTs and Command Group only on command net.

2) Contact Reports: This is a general challenge: but even more this time because we have a full command group including an FO. The CO will communicate his wishes, but for everyone's sake, including your own PLT, then tell what you see, and what you are doing as a minimum. Even better: Put down a reference point so the Command Group and not least the FO has a chance to coordinate everything including FIRES.

3) Have FUN ! 😊



We are trying to optimize everything in advance to give you all a seamless and fun session.

But to help us doing that, then please observe the following:

If you have a slower internet connection or computer, then please shut down all non-essential applications before game start to ensure we have the best cooperative technical platform.


As a lot of vehicles will be Double manning aka 2 people in the turret and we will get a lot of losses everybody need to have set up so they can listen and talk on their platoon channels
So when people die and some will you grab a seat as a gunner in another tank first in your own PLT. - but always ASK your PLT LDR first please, so he knows what is happening.

So every vehicle has its own channel 


The PLT leaders and PSG (Platoon SG) need to be able to Broadcast on both Command and their own Platoon net.


If you guys cant remember here is a guide



The push to talk button needs to be different from the command push to talk button  , the leaders need 2 besides the normal push to talk button
If you use the normal SB setup the "Alt", "Shift", "V", "K", "L" can work besides the buttons on your joystick


We look forward to playing what should first and foremost be a fun and enjoyable experience


Edited by Nike-Ajax
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It was a blast for me as this was my first ever experience in multiplayer mode. Thanks to my platoon leader Roerbaek and platoon mates Tankenator and Connaugh (i believe) for taking care of me.

Apart from the severe lag and frame rate drop that I experienced during the start of phase 2, I really enjoyed playing with you guys. 


And again, Thanks. 😊

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5 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

Great game; thanks to our nearly 25 participants for making this such a fun experience, and I appreciate the folks who volunteered for leadership positions to make some organized chaos.

We were 26 😁

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Hi again


May I also add 2 points from a PL Commanders view that could make life easier.
1. All C/S in the PL should be monitoring the Command net. This not only allows for better situational awareness it also allows for alternative command should it be needed due to attrition, at the very least it allows you to hear when people are transmitting on that net and therefore you know to minimise on the PL net in order to help the PL commander hear all messages.

2. I found out last night how difficult it is to command a Pl without map udates/damaged radio in close terrain. I would suggest it becomes almost a drill when the PL commander loses this facility he hands over command and then goes static for the 5 minutes it should take to repair. Better to be out of the battle for 5mins than forever!!


Small changes can change the world.  

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I haven't been online for about three years, give or take.  Great to be back.  My dismounts put a wupp'n on the enemy at the SE bridge area.  Six shots, six kills with the Javelins!  Had the enemy moved any closer, they would have been eating AT-4 rounds!  


Had to use a CV90 in the counterattack, not one of my more familiar vehicles.  But we did well.  I can tell when Assassin7 is leading tanks.  They were doing so much shooting, I bet they were melting their barrels!  


How did Nike-Ajax handle all those units is commendable.  Usually, and OPFOR needs a few people to get the job done.  But this is fine, as they bloodied us on defense fairly well.  


Now if only I can join in with Kanium for Arma3...heheh.  

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