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Apache and Tiger wrong firing range


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Apache begins firing Hellfire-114L from 8 km distance . Its good

But from about 7 km distance open fire with Hydra rocket Its wrong The maximum firing distance should be 5 km

And Apache somtimes begin to use chain gun from 5-7 km distance It's unbelievable 😉

Australian Tiger launches rockets from the right distance (Hellfire from 6 km Hydra from 5) but problem is that he starts using a cannon from a distance of 5 km


By the way, Mi-24 and Mi-8 begin to launch rockets from the right distances. Of course, depending on weather conditions and specifically visual range



New Africa DesertApache.sce New Africa DesertTiger.sce

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6 hours ago, Ssnake said:

You're not firing the FFAR Hydra APKWS, per chance?

That's supposed to have a greater range.


The gun range seems to be definitely off, it should be 2,000m or less.

I do not quite understand about FFAR Hydra M247. If I’m not mistaken, the game has only one version of this weapon with a firing range 5000 meters And AH-64 should not firing this rockets from a distance of 7000 meters

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