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Units are Unable to be Reoriented During the Planning Phase


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Unlike pre-4.1 versions of Steel Beasts, you cannot change the orientation of units (the direction they are facing) during the planning phase of scenarios UNLESS your units are in a designated deployment zone. So, for example, if I am playing a scenario where I am attacking to the North-West, but my units are facing East (as is the default if you just plop them down in the editor), I cannot have them facing North-West during the planning phase. I have to order them to march North-West, and then wait as they execute on the scenario start. Needless to say, this can be annoying, and is a waste of the most valuable resource - time! 


Is this a bug, or is it a new "feature" of 4.1? 


Of note, I am not talking about physically moving the starting location of units, I am talking about changing the direction they are facing at the scenario start. 

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