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Fps and setting


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Hi, i dont understand…i can run dcs sim with 50/60 fps and this Sb with 30/35 fps...In a mix  where are trees on screen the fps drop to 23/30/35……bored and i left to use it! Fps drop in 1080-2k-4k at the same mode! I have a gtx1080 all my game, like arma 3…run at 60 fps… this game no!!! And graphically in ridicolous if i think the last game! Why..dont run! And in a operation like an nassirya fps are good 60, another (in Desert also) 25 fps……terrible! I tried to changhe everything in options but nothing…im very bored...i would play it but its a very problem?!? Anysolution?!

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In larger scenarios Steel Beasts is CPU saturated, so better graphics cards don't help. What can often improve things even for relatively new graphics cards (except the very latest high-end cards) is to reduce the screen resolution to 1280x720. Alt+D and Alt+G open the dialog boxes for graphics detail at runtime, and reducing details can help as well, especially the slider for ground clutter. Of course nobody likes that advice, but it helps nevertheless.


Now, I'm not happy with this general framerate issue myself, but changing this for a 25 year-old software architecture is really hard work. We are limited by certain design decisions that were taken before we even knew that we'd be successful for such a long time with such a broad range of customers. Computer games that were developed a decade later had the advantage of being able to plan for technology that emerged around 2005...10 whereas Steel Beasts was designed in 1995...97. A lot changed in those years, and for a good while this didn't matter much but we're now clearly at the end of what's still possible with an architecture approaching its 25th anniversary.

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