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This forum software - likes, dislikes

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Mark brough up a point about nested quotes not being supported by this forum software.

(Also Vivaldi doesn't seem to like all GUI elements but I could use a different browser).


Other than that, are you happy?


I don't use the personal messages much, but those of you who do: Are there things you don't like?

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I wasn't expecting a dedicated thread for my grumble but thank you.


Apart from the "nested quotes" issue I guess my other major areas of concern relate to the Calendar, arguably the community's key synchronisation tool.


1. Sean has already asked but for completeness - the dates are wrong. E.g. TGIF appears as happening on Friday afternoons my time (in reality its around noon on a Saturday). I can't confirm but maybe BG ANZAC dates display incorrectly for people in other time zones too?



2. Probably a 1st world issue but a template for events might be nice (or the ability to duplicate an earlier example).


Currently you can say its a repeating event (i.e. one entry is replicated ad infinitum). But:


a. You can't put a range of dates in (yes its repeating but only between X date and Y date)


b. If you have changes, they impact all entries. For example BG ANZAC for 6 months on the year is held at 1900 local and for the other six months at 1930 local (courtesy of the non uniform adoption of day light saving). As a result every week I need to create a new event to reflect the relevant time and because its a new event its not worth the bother to add a dedicated cover photo etc. If you could duplicate last weeks and adjust the date to suit it would be a lot more convenient.


If the Calendar was accurate (globally) and easier to use, then I suspect it might be a more powerful tool (of course we can't force people to actually look at it though). :)


I also have issues with the formatting tools (things like "default" font size, doesn't actually tell you what the default is).


My 2 euro.


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I generally really like the forum.


There's only one issue that I find to be annoying:


On mobile devices it is really difficult to delete quoted text in a reply. On a PC holding CTRL+Right Click will give you the option to remove the quote, but no such option on mobile.


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