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KANIUM Sunday 17th of May - "OPS SIPPOLA" by SwordsmanDK

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6 hours ago, Nihil said:

No free tanks so I'll probably join as gunner. 

Will do


3 hours ago, LitreGiraffe said:

I would like to Join please I will take any role, thank you



I think the same so gunner

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For the 2 guys who has not been assigned a place yet:


Do not worry, its intentional - I want to make sure you get the experience you want, so we will sort it out tonight.



For everyone:


This will be mandatory listening for everyone when OPFOR wins:




OR if you prefer wearing Adidas clothes:



uvidimsya v adu moi druz'ya



Edited by Nike-Ajax
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On 5/16/2020 at 12:48 AM, Nike-Ajax said:

Allright Gentlemen


We have 3 new players who needs to be gunners for some experienced players:


Please volunteer and give them a good start 😊

I can take one gunner if they dont have yet a position.

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