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My First Scenario Operation Petro Canada


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Some suggestions, in no particular order:


1. Canadian tank platoons have four vehicles.


2. The mission set seems built more for a border patrol than a military force. Why would multiple armored platoons be worried about a single fuel truck driven by a smuggler?


3. The mission area is massive for the force given. US Doctrine states that a Cavalry Troop (2x Platoons of 6x M2A3s) can cover a width of 10 KM. The scenario has you covering 20 KM with 7 vehicles. Providing refined intelligence on the potential crossing site, restricting the AO,  providing a UAV (which conveniently has "Canada" written on the side), or any combination of the three would help mitigate this.


4. Red on the Ukrainian side of the border are set to "return fire." Why? They got chewed up by my tank platoon, even when one of their tanks initially had a position of advantage. 


5. Red goes to one border crossing site every single time. For replayability, I would highly recommend learning how to randomize their intended route/starting position for one of four possible axis of advance. 


6. Have conditions set for ending the mission of the Blue player accomplishes their intended objectives. This might be destruction of the fuel truck, and a certain percentage of the enemy's escort force. This gives a definitive "the mission is over" to the player, so they aren't wondering if they missed something.


7. I realize there is a difference in speed between the IFVs, the fueler, and the tanks. However, I would mess with the speeds, or have checkpoints to make sure that the tanks are caught up. In its current state, I destroyed the fueler about 4 minutes before I ever saw the tanks since they were so far off.

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