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Q. what file to delete for settings???

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Dumb Q....


I hooked up my PC to a new 4k 50 inch TV for my "game room" setup... went into my SB game and changed the settings from 1080p which it was to 2160, which is 4K... but now no mouse and can't get back to default settings... Q. Which file is deleted in the game program that holds that info, so I can delete it and hopefully it comes back to default???


Thanks in advance.


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Ahh, thanks... haven't been in that program group in years... got it fixed.


Weird thou, no mouse view in any full screen mode anymore, will just play the old fashion way in a window... NP.




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There's the " --fullscreen" command line option for you.


Create a copy of a Steel Beasts shortcut,



Then go to the properties,



and there, in the "Target" line after the trailing quotation mark (that's wrong in my following screenshot) add a space, then two dashes and the fullscreenwindow switch.



You may then want to pick a different icon image.


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