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M60 seems reluctant to brew up

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I've never seen an M60 (in SB Pro PE at least) pop it's turret.

From what I've seen inside there's no protected ammo, so surely it should be as prone to blowing its turret as a T-55/62/Centurion/Sho't Kal ?


Your thoughts please

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M48/M60 and T-54/55/62 popped their turrets much more often than Shot Cal. Unlike the others, the Shot Cal had no main gun rounds stored above turret ring.

In addition, the original British turret control system was electric, as opposed to the Cadillac Gage hydraulic system on the M48 (A2 and onwards) and M60, which made the Shot Cal Alef (1970) much less flammable. OTOH, the Cadillac Gage system had much superior performance, so the IDF installed it nonetheless on Shot Cal Bet (1975/6). As a result, in the 1982 war the burn injury rates among IDF Centurion crews and among M48/M60 crews were similar, as opposed to the significant difference observed in 1973.










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